Wheeled Dump Truck Operator

Wheeled Dump Truck Operator


A Wheeled Dump Truck Operator transport and dumps different variety materials – from bricks to rubbish – from one place to another, using designated haul routes and doing activities efficiently and safely. Dump truck operators are normally hired by a plant hire company, or plant recruitment agencies.


Apart from general education where the employer may inquire about GCSE score, there are no particular requirements except that you should be physically fit and keen about your work hours.

Wages Offered

Wheeled Dump Truck Operators are usually paid the average wage of about £12 to £16 per hour while many employers may pay more depending on the experience and qualifications of the operator.

Licences Required to Work

• CPCS cat A56 – Articulated Dump Truck wheeled
• On some sites there are NPORS licences accepted, but main Construction Operators licence is CPCS


To do any CPCS ticket You MUST first achieve CSCS Health , Safety & Envirnoment Test within 2 years

Job Description and Duties

It’s a desirable and responsible construction job generally having a 9 hours working shift. You would be following supervisor’s instructions carefully on site in the performance of all duties. You would also have to be careful to work according to the Method Statement while meeting the terms of Health & Safety policies as well as Risk Assessment for the site.

You will be operating well-maintained machines provided by the contractor. As a wheeled dump truck operator you are required to transport different range of materials from one spot to another within the site. You will also be required to take transported materials in suitable place specified by manager. Dump trucks are not really made for speed, their utility is in their ability to provide heavy work on site and dump truck drivers are usually required to work within a specific area. It usually works along with other large pieces of machinery like loaders, backhoes and similar vehicles on the site. So the driver must be careful about the proximity of such machinery to his own truck where safety measures are concerned.

When work is in public, safety considerations become a top priority. Operators going to public roads have to be qualified with full UK licence cat B. Since at this point of the task, the dump truck turns into HGV articulated vehicle, it must also be insured and taxed.

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