Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know.

1. I am professional construction worker but i dont have any of valid licence listed in registration form. Can I still register?
Answer: Unfortunately our service is for valid construction licence holders only. Acceptable licences are listed in registration form. After taking and achieving required courses and tests You can come back to us and register. Construction employers accross UK are waiting for You!!!
2. I will have my exam for Licence next week and I would like to register now. When I pass my test I will send all required copies of my licnece to HireOperator.Uk , can I do that?
Answer: Unfortunately you must have valid licence already in hand when registering - it's mandatory requirment. When You achieve Your test come back and register for FREE - Construction employers accross UK are waiting for You!!!
3. I am professional construction worker ,but I have licence which is out of date for few weeks, but Im working in my trade for 10 years so Im very experienced. Can I register in HireOperator.UK?
Answer: Unfortunately Your licence must be in date when registering - it's mandatory requirment. We also send warnings to workers when each licence is due to expire. When licence expired we suspend this trade on workers account.
1. Hello, I have upgraded account to premium and offered jobs to few candidates , but in 'Job Offer' I offerd to register on my private website as well. My employers account has been suspended and I don't know why?
Answer: According to our Terms & Conditions when Employers are using 'Offer a Job' button they MUSTN'T offer any other services or products. Your account has been suspended due to significant breaking of Terms & Conditions of HireOperator.UK and all fees are not refundable.
I registered and upgraded to premium account , but even though have plenty of registered workers , I couldn't find desired licence holder in location required. Can I get refund of last premium fees?
Answer: Yes, once You paid for Premium and couldn't find construction professional licence holder in required location - You can get refund for last premium fees, on condition that You haven't sent any 'Job Offer' to any worker yet. Remember that according to our Terms & Conditions, once You will send 'Job Offer' to any candidate - You cannot apply for any refund.
3. I am a private person working in construction industry. Im recruiting construction workers ,but don't have limited company registered. can I still, register and use HireOperator.UK to hire professional construction workers?
Answer: Yes, as self employed construction recruiting person You are treated as Sub-contractor and You can register. Don't forget to upgrade to Premium and take most of benefits of HireOperator.UK
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