Excavator Tracked – CPCS Licence

Excavator Tracked – CPCS Licence


Tracked excavators which are also as diggers or 360 machines - are heavy equipment which consist of a boom & dipper arms, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. The cab sits atop the undercarriage that has tracks or wheels. Excavators employ hydraulic fluids to move and function with hydraulic cylinders and motors. Tracked excavator is a highly versatile machine with its benefits extending from mining to forestry, from construction to pipeline industry.

Tracked excavator operator is a high profile construction job—though it is related to several other fields too and the excavator can get work in a variety of work environments and jobs. At work in the construction sector, at least, their prime responsibility is to safely operate given equipment to excavate, move ,grade earth, load and lift.


Excavator Tracked Operators can earn wages between £12 and £17 per hour and this can increase with experience and training


A general education is needed and employers can inquire about GCSE scores of mathematics and English but apart from that there aren’t any educational requirements. Another general requirement is that excavator operators must have knowledge of equipment maintenance .

Licences Required to Work

CPCS A58 A : Excavator below 10T tracked
CPCS A59 A : Excavator above 10T tracked
(Optional: Endersment C – Lifting Operations)


To do any CPCS ticket You MUST first achieve CSCS Health , Safety & Envirnoment Test

Job Description and Duties

It is a high profile construction job with responsibility and equal amount of respect attached to it. Operators have to work with the machines given by the employer and when on site, they are required to follow the instructions of the supervisors. The primary duties of excavator operator include digging, loading different kinds of vehicles, ground leveling and lifting operations and the normal work shift is 9 hours.

Some other duties of excavator operators include daily equipment inspections to identify unsafe conditions and to keep the excavation equipment—which they are supposed to operate—maintained and in safe conditions. Excavator may also have to work in and communicate with people working in stress conditions so they should know how to communicate effectively and be self-motivated as well as a team-player.

Moreover, they have to solve problems and situations related to material quality, equipment operation and repair as well as monitor and discuss production issue with co-workers as well as manager/supervisors. Finally they have to be careful about health, safety and environment compliance.

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