Bricklayers build and repair walls and structures which require brickworks including chimneys, tunnel linings, stonework, and restoration projects, walls and even whole houses. If you are physically fit, want a job in construction and enjoy doing practical work - then this is the job for you.


Average wages for bricklayers can be between £10 and £17 pounds and this can increase with experience and training.


There is generally no need for formal qualification to be a bricklayer. However, the employers may want bricklayers to have some on-site experience and may also inquire about the GCSEs…at least in mathematics and English.

Licences Required to Work



To do any NVQ LEVEL 2 You MUST first achieve CSCS Health , Safety & Envirnoment Test

Job Description and Duties

It is a high profile construction ,as well as domestic building job with a lot of responsibility and respect attached to it. The general duties of bricklayer include all kinds of bricklaying from small brickworks to whole foundations and properties.

It is also important that a bricklayers should be a team-player because he must work complying with the Method Statement and Risk Assessment provided by the Site Manager who is in charge of the workplace and is also required to follow the Supervisor’s instruction on site. Moreover, if it is a larger job you may have to work with other groups too where you would be working on a particular section of a building while other gangs would be working on other sections, so you must be well organized too.

Bricklayers generally have to work minimum 9 hours shifts ,very often there may be a need for overtime on weekends and evenings on some days. Moreover, you would be spending a large amount of time outside, in almost all kinds of weathers and work can be hard, sometimes. Bricklaying job can also involve working at heights and there might be times when you have to wear special PPE (personal protective equipment).

Some of the skills and qualities which would help you as a bricklayer are following:
1. A knack for practical work and skills.
2. The ability to work in an organized way while reading and working according to the plans.
3. A knowledge of different Health & Safety issues that can arise during work.
4. Bricklayers should be able to work as a part of the team as well as cooperate with other teams and professionals working on the site.
5. Finally, bricklayers should have a good physical health and fitness as that is what the work requires especially when working with heavy loads and at heights.

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